Payment Processors

It's important to be able to accept payments! When deciding which processor to use, make sure you read their terms and conditions because some processors do not support certain types of businesses. Many marketers use more than one processor also, so not all eggs are in one basket. Some processor offer the ability to swipe credit cards at a location, in addition to accepting payments online with a form or invoice.
  1. GoDaddy

    Godaddy allows you to accept payments from your smart phone, create, send, track invoices and more

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  2. Square

    Square lets you accept all types of payments everywhere you sell

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  3. Gumroad

    Gumroad provides super-simple e-commerce and audience-building software for creators

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  4. can accept credit cards, contactless payments, and e-checks in person and on the go

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  5. Braintree

    Braintree can help you Boost Revenue as a Global Payments Partner

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  6. PayPal

    PayPal has the tools, products, financing, and support you need to help establish or grow your business

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  7. Stripe

    Stripe builds the most powerful and flexible tools for Internet commerce.

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