Ad Management

The ad management tools can allow you to automate the creation of your ads, and then measure, analyze and report on your advertising campaigns. These tools take a manual process and automate it for you so you save time and organize your campaigns. You can Schedule campaigns to run a certain time of the day and/or week, define performance based rules to pause your campaigns, rotate ads on auto-pilot, and more.
  1. Qwaya

    Qwaya helps to create ads that attracts clicks and improves performance through segmentation and optimization.

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  2. AdStage

    AdStage helps advertisers measure, analyze and report on your advertising campaigns.

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  3. Marin Software

    MarinOne helps advertisers maximize the results of their digital campaigns by giving them a single view of the customer.

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  4. AdButler

    AdButler helps publishers big and small create custom ads with an intuitive interface, a robust API, and friendly support.

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  5. AdEspresso

    AdEspresso makes Facebook advertising easy and profitable for small and medium businesses.

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  6. Needls

    Needls. creates hundreds of ads for you and monitors social media in real time.

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