Marketing Tools

  1. Grytics

    Grytics provides Facebook Groups Analytics & Management Tools. Get Groups Insights, Reporting & Data Archive, Optimize Publishing

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  2. Woopra

    Woopra provides Customer Journey Analytics for Product, Marketing, Sales and Support teams

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  3. Adobe Analytics

    Adobe Analytics provides Web analytics, Channel and Marketing analytics, Attribution, Predictive analytics

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  4. CrazyEgg

    CrazyEgg makes your website better with Website Optimization, Heatmaps, A/B Testing

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  5. Wistia

    Wistia's video creation, hosting, analytics, and conversion tools are for video marketing and business. Soapbox is a tool to record, edit, and share videos.

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  6. YouTube

    YouTube gives you free video hosting and analytics as well as upgraded plans

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  7. Vimeo

    Vimeo provides video hosting, collaboration, video distribution, an embeddable ad-free player, and live streaming

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  8. JW Player

    JW Player is a Video Hosting, Adaptive Streaming, Live Streaming, Video Monetization Platform

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  9. SproutVideo

    SproutVideo provides secure video hosting for business to capture leads, drive traffic, and boost campaign performance

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  10. BrightCove

    BrightCove has customizable video hosting options, monetization and advertising, live event streaming, lead generation tools, mobile optimization, and branding features

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