Google Analytics

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Get a deeper understanding of your customers. Google Analytics gives you the free tools you need to analyze data for your business in one place. Understand your site and app users to better evaluate the performance of your marketing, content, products, and more.

Access Google’s unique insights and machine learning capabilities to help get the most out of your data. Analytics is built to work with Google’s advertising and publisher products so you can use your analytics insights to reach the right customers. Process and share your data quickly with an easy-to-use interface and shareable reports.

  • Analytics Intelligence: Get fast answers to questions about your analytics data, uncover insights about how your business is performing, and tap into sophisticated modeling capabilities
  • Reporting: Understand how customers are interacting with your site and apps, and easily share insights across your organization with a variety of reporting tools
  • Data Analysis and Visualization: Analytics provides many ways to access, organize, and visualize your data to suit your business needs
  • Data Collection and Management: Analytics helps your organize and manage your data.
  • Data Activation: Make smarter marketing decisions informed by your data.
  • Integrations: Analytics is designed to work seamlessly with other Google solutions and partner products, saving your time and increasing efficiency.


Pricing: Free. Ask Sales for Enterprise level pricing

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