We help big brands scale WordPress. We provide reliable Managed WordPress Hosting for high-demand sites. With tierless support, experienced devops, and a customizable tech stack, we’ve created the ultimate hosting solution for growing businesses.

The needs of your organization are unique, and are ill-suited to the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach offered by other Managed WordPress Hosting service providers. Pagely exists to solve big business challenges, and help premium brands scale WordPress.

  • WordPress VPS: Featuring developer friendly tools, shell access, and git support our WordPress VPS hosting plans deliver scalable performance
  • Enterprise Hosting: Our unique managed hosting service features painless resource scaling, multi-region redundancy, and enterprise-grade security
  • Elite Publisher: For the most demanding applications and clientele, we present the most comprehensive and powerful managed WordPress solution to date
  • The Pagely® Managed WordPress hosting stack is built upon Amazon Web Services and managed by skilled and passionate people.


Pricing: $199 to $2249/month and up for Enterprise

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